Our alliances

RedHat Argentina

Since 2011 we collaborate on various projects as Designers / UX . We participate in various instances during the product discovery, design and development processes . Most of these projects result in the development of FrontEnd or presentation layer for various systems, applications or products.

OpenDev Pro

In an alliance that has been going on for several years, we jointly participate in several platform developments including design / UX, graphic design, FrontEnd development or presentation layer . We have also developed complete platforms including BackEnd , Service Layers , Security Layers , FrontEnd Web and Mobile Apps , developed in both native and hybrid.

Getup Digital Studio

This alliance began in 2015 when we carried out design / UX and native iOS application programming focused on iPad for kimberly clark . Then the projects continued one after another, until we became their natural choice when it comes to thinking about and producing complete software platforms based on web services and applications.

Hi Holistic interactions

We met a few years ago when at TDIL we were looking for UX experts as consultants to be part of a large project. That relationship grew and now we call on each other to face various challenges: from product discovery processes , interface designs, website development, among others.

Mow Agencia Digital

The partnership with Mow was born thanks to another project of the company, MiO Coworking This being the place where they settled and we met. We started sharing experiences and then services. We are working together on several clients and we believe that the amount of business in common will increase in the future.

Some of our latest work