We accompany you throughout the process: from the initial advice, the discovery phase of the product or services and then the complete design and development stages of a software application, until its publication. Once the project is finished, we continue to offer support and evolutionary maintenance to our clients. Our team is highly trained to take care of every last detail so that you can provide a successful turnaround for your business.


A dream begun
that day in London...

That Day in London is the name of our design, UX (User experience) and software development studio in which we approach projects holistically, considering the user experience and the complexities of the product or service to obtain a complete and functional solution.
Stablished in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have been in the market for 15 years to innovate and continue growing together with our clients. We offer dedication on software development, that is our main business branch, adding the passion we have as designers. Therefore, we merge our skills to complement ourselves with other companies, apply knowledge, achieve intelligent and effective designs seeking to enhance the profitability of their projects. Either with mobile apps or platform systems, starting from UX processes, product discovery, development and graphic design.
Our goal is to help, simplifying the processes of companies or institutions and/or creating new ways to solve their needs with the use of technology.

How we work:

We like to face the project task's by learning and understanding the business challenges of our clients. Immersing ourselves in their processes and their clients or users go through. We use agile methodologies and adapt them to the context of the whole project, prioritizing the client's possibilities.

The team:

Designers and software developers with a holistic view to face solutions to complex projects.


We have graphic designers from the University of Buenos Aires and other universities. Our developers have been trained in Universities such as the UTN and other recognized ones. However, they continue to take courses and trainings constantly to stay updated on new technologies.


We have a laboratory space in which we develop research projects in new technologies to prepare ourselves and be able to tackle special solutions.


We are open for new developers:
specially full stack, mobile, java, php and other skills